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  That Bloody iPod!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blog hopping, i just found out that...


iPod has a dirty little secret. Found a video of guys who recorded a phone call to the iPod helpdesk. They wanted to know what they should do now that their iPod's battery stopped working after 18 months. It turns out you can't get or buy a separate new battery. So the advice from the helpdesk was: "Just buy a new iPod".

So... that's why they keep selling so much of them, you apparently have to replace them every year and a half! The rest of the film you see them walking on the streets and spray painting a warning on every iPod ad they see.

As i assumed before, iPods use a Ni-MH battery, which is a Lithium Ion battery that you get in most laptops and better mobile phones (like all Nokia phones). To maximize its life, you need to go through several full recharge cycles from time to time - basically, running the device until the battery is flat, switching it off, charging it up fully, switching it on, running it down, and so on for a few times.

Found out that iPods do use Li-Ion batteries, which are more expensive than rechargable ni_MH batteries, but asking over $250 for a new battery is madness, especially considering that most other battery powered devices have easily replacable batteries. You can buy new Nokia batteries quite cheaply from a wide range of places.

Strangely tho, looking into this fact about iPods, i found that iPodBattery.com sells batteries for both the old and new iPod models for $49 (about Php2,750 / 40Euros) and AC adaptors that let you plug it in to the mains instead of your computer.

      iPod's Secret

So, do you have an iPod? How old is it? And how much longer do you think it will work? Well, I havent yet, so do you count me as lucky? tssk.. and i was so curious about that Apple iPod nano Black...


atomicvelvetsigh drank tea with Pandora @ 3:46 AM  


Blogger dreaming-neko said...

i read about this during my research... the batt is suppose to last 18 - 24 months. but everybody's usage varies.

ipod will replace your old player with a new one for $100. so you can get a new player every couple year for $100~ but new technology will have come up by then...

in general, regular gadgets and technoloy only have a usuage life of 2-3 years max these days anyways. technology is moving so fast... and event the best products now will be outdated in a few years :(

but thanks for the update! :)

9/14/05, 5:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mine is already 26 months, and still works... i used it daily on my commute to and from the office.. and at home before i go to sleep.. battery life still good for about 7hrs.. (mine is a 3rd gen ipod)


9/14/05, 5:55 PM  

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