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  I Miss You.... im having a bad day.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Current Music: Spacemen 3 - Feel So Sad

i miss you.. ive been using my fingers alone. (erm...)
nothing to press but one clicking tune
and its drivin me nuts
and everything's so slow...

My keyboards plug were distroyed by an assh* who attempted to get rid of my whole PC! When he realized he cannot unplug the monitor (*cough.. stu... *cough.. pid!) he gave up and ranted and shouted all possible curses ever invented instead. When he finally left, i found out he pulled the keyb plug the wrong way! the little wires were dislocated from where it should be. actually i do not know if ill get mad or laugh of his erm... lol!

Well that happened months ago.. but since i cannot find a sincere store who could sell me only the plug (everybody else insisted me to replace the whole thing! tssk.. well my black keyb just happend to be paired with my Logitech optical mouse and its stil working fine so why replace it?) I grabbed the keyb of my sister's old PC since she already has a laptop and is seldom home anyway.

But today, for some unknown reason she needed her PC... ok im not mean anyway it was hers so i have no choice but to return it. And here i am tssk typing with the On-Screen keyboard that comes with Win XP. brr... well come to think of it, im getting a hang of it now. (talk about desperation!)

And my ISP suddenly stopped providing internet connection. Redialed. "Access Denied". WTF! pre-paid ran out? no way! its 100 hours! it harly felt i even reached 50! oh... breathe... i know i have a spare one in my bag. hmmm cool! found it! Called the tech support. yeah! there was a catch. 100 hours only in 14 days and weekends count! but you cannot use the card unless its 5am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays only!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

And today my banners were denied at Blog Explosipn Sniiiiifff!! and i worked hard for those tssk. well the "Admin" said there were pop ups in this blog. Firefox of course blocks it. Although I'm using both Firefox Mozilla and Internet Explorer! I even use Maxthon! i wonder why i havent seen any? is it the cookies? tssk i need a techie here! anyway he was asking what was the wtf's about. Sorry i was mean BE! Look at me.. i have noo keyboards!!! and my ISP pre-paid connection ran out!! Now, would you still give me some MCs (Mystery Credits)?

He claims it must have been the shoutbox/Tagboard. Well i dunno... LWS recommended it and everybody else is not complaining about it. maybe its the add-ons here. ok then gone gone gone be gone! no more stupid add ons.. (lol!) Wish My Moogie Mentor is here...

note: wanna guess how long it took for me to type this whole posty?


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