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  Last Song Syndrome (LSS)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What is LSS? - It is when having the last song you hear before leaving stick in your head all through your journey, and beyond. Is usually accompanied by subconscious humming. This syndrome is particularly dangerous when the song happens to be the most pathetic, crappy, albeit catchy song ever.

How do you cure LSS? Listen to the actual song one more time. Believe me, it works! Unless you are about to go to sleep. Hehe..

And here is my LSS for the day.. A song I particularly wanna share with My Moogie *.*

Halo - The Cure

i never felt like this with anyone before
you only have to smile and i'm dizzy
you make the world go round
a thousand times an hour
just touch my head
and send me spinning

i never felt like this with anyone before
you show me colours and i'm crying
you hold my eyes in yours
and open up the world
i can't believe all this

i want to keep this feeling
deep inside of me
i want you always in my heart
you are everything

i never felt like this with anyone before
you fill my head all full of rainbows
and all the rainbows end
is every step you take
wish to be with you forever

i want to keep this feeling
deep inside of me
i want you always in my heart
you are everything..

Moogie 7th tomorrow Honey!

+ mp3 uploaded at djcitrik
+ photo "Santorini sunrise" by: eastboca.net


atomicvelvetsigh drank tea with Pandora @ 4:36 PM  


Blogger Ambres said...

Heee Moogie!!

LSS oooh i had that when i was sick last week. I was so nauseous and when all horrible fatty food danced before my eyes i was treated extra by a Sesamestreet song! (My little cousins saw it a day before). It was about the hours. In dutch the lyrics are "en we gaan het klokje rond en we gaaan het klokje rond en we gaaaan het kloookje rooond en we gaaaaaaaan het klokje rond..."waaaah and everytime a monster honked his nose "peep paa" (can be translated like: "and the clock goes round and round.. and the clock goes round and round and the clock goes round and round and..) well you get an idea how that worked on my nerves!

But its not bad to have that song of the Cure on your mind. Thank you for posting this and that sweet lyric..

Hope we see the blue waters of Greece soon Honey

and Happy Moogie 7th!

ur Ambres *.*

1/7/09, 4:39 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

ohh i read this the day you posted it but havent replied til now. *kiss glad you liked it and that your fever is gone. well sesame street is not too bad except that if a song becomes an LSS indeed! yikes! add being nauseous already..

greece honey.. i like to see oia! this photo is from there.

1/19/09, 2:36 PM  
Blogger Hapi said...

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1/23/09, 4:28 PM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

im fond of late replies and outdated posts.. but hapi, do you mean "visit my blog" (er, your blog?)

and if that's a question to me and not to drive me to your link, sori hapi, i don't know how.

thanks for the visit tho!

2/25/09, 10:23 AM  

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