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  my bloody valentine

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

NO... people are in a panic-craze hysterical situation here not because the band is
in Manila!From this side of the world, only a handful know them i guess.... But I would be
thrillingly freaked out tho...
Anyway, here's the real reason why....

bloody bloody... Posted by Hello

"This victim never had a chance as the bomb that exploded inside an RRCG bus must
have gone off near him. Three bus passengers were killed on the spot while at least
40 others were wounded in the explosion that happened near the Metro Rail Transit
station on EDSA avenues in Makati on Monday night."

A half a million pesos will be rewarded for the capture or any info that will lead
to the capture of the suspects.


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  Captain Easychord and Miss Modular

Monday, February 14, 2005


DλΫ !

note: because Yahoo is making my head ache so bad im currently trying to open it a zillion times for the past 5 hours! i take it that i have to post my message here instead. And.....
the last line melted in my hands...


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Aside from Yahoo having problems with speed today, which makes it nearly impossible to open mails... and my sniffing and sneezing and slight fever... No, I'm not teary eyed because I didn't participate in the recently held Lovapalooza II. I wasn't even there when the thousand of couples smooched their way last year to a Guiness world record anyway. I just peeked through the televised live simulcast of the event and brr... just throwing invisible pillows and blocks of cement to the "stone wall named like a letter" slouching behind me.

And when I planned to contribute to the World’s largest photo mosaic depicting a couple kissing (pff) that my country planned to finish by early January this year, brr... I was in the hospital then, recovering from surgery. Now THAT, I really planned to participate in, but ho-hum, anyway...

Snuffling off rolls of tissue paper tho.. because I am not in Holland... spending this corporate world enduced holiday .. with erm. 8D Now THAT would be sweet!

There's a silly trippin' belief from where I came from, about this day. Whoever is the first person you saw soon as you wake up (if you're a guy, of course it should be a girl and vice versa. oh, and relatives do not count) would be your valentine. haha.. nothin really happens after that tho. it's just one of the questions usually asked soon as you arrive at school. brr... and usually, it's the schoolbus driver or the conductor I see every year during my elementary. Coz my long-time crush lives three streets away. lol. that's why I said it's silly.

So for now, let's all just give-in to this day and... hey send me some chocolates!!

note no.1: too bad the above links do not have pictures. But I'll try to take a pic of the mosaic billboard in Makati and post it here.

note no.2: Keep those virtual
new wave badge pins coming. Duh, would anyone send me the real ones? pff...


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  Off the Bubble Mailer to my CD Player

Monday, February 07, 2005

This one I don't wanna miss posting. Off the package are these cds...

1. Gary Moore - For Greeny
2. Cry 0f Love - Brother
3. Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble
4. Eric Clapton - Blues
5. Johnny Lang - Lie To Me
6. Gary Moore (untitled)
7. Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Live Alive
8. The Free Story
9. Aerosmith - Honking on Bobo

Sweet Daddy Darling Mick was so kind to send me a package from UK... (Rock on Blues master!) and I'm thinking about those "plain Blues in vinyl".... hehe...

Yes and the moogie girl is also into Blues, with influences going back to classic rock and jazz. So sprinkle a little or lot of Billy Holiday, Skip James, Drifters, Silver Apples and Creedence Clearwater Revival to that tasty treat... hmm with "Bad Moon Rising" on my mind.

Parcel was overdue a little tho. It was sent last Jan 4 but only arrived Jan 30 in Manila. And now im embarrassed at how the postal system sucks here. Another reason why the fanzines never went on tho. And since I've been having problems here and there, and another punch mark here and there too... brr.. I haven't listened to all of them yet. But of course, first off to smell philippine air is Eric Clapton...

OOh. and so far, Jonny Lang caught my undevided attention. ('c',)

And from all that, now leaving a note and wondering why I'm still hummin that "Devil Got My Woman" song by Skip James...

Thanks again Mick and save me some "indian" Lol. oh, and kiss little baby grandaughter for me xxxxxxxxx


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