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  oh, is it valentines already?

Monday, February 14, 2005

Aside from Yahoo having problems with speed today, which makes it nearly impossible to open mails... and my sniffing and sneezing and slight fever... No, I'm not teary eyed because I didn't participate in the recently held Lovapalooza II. I wasn't even there when the thousand of couples smooched their way last year to a Guiness world record anyway. I just peeked through the televised live simulcast of the event and brr... just throwing invisible pillows and blocks of cement to the "stone wall named like a letter" slouching behind me.

And when I planned to contribute to the World’s largest photo mosaic depicting a couple kissing (pff) that my country planned to finish by early January this year, brr... I was in the hospital then, recovering from surgery. Now THAT, I really planned to participate in, but ho-hum, anyway...

Snuffling off rolls of tissue paper tho.. because I am not in Holland... spending this corporate world enduced holiday .. with erm. 8D Now THAT would be sweet!

There's a silly trippin' belief from where I came from, about this day. Whoever is the first person you saw soon as you wake up (if you're a guy, of course it should be a girl and vice versa. oh, and relatives do not count) would be your valentine. haha.. nothin really happens after that tho. it's just one of the questions usually asked soon as you arrive at school. brr... and usually, it's the schoolbus driver or the conductor I see every year during my elementary. Coz my long-time crush lives three streets away. lol. that's why I said it's silly.

So for now, let's all just give-in to this day and... hey send me some chocolates!!

note no.1: too bad the above links do not have pictures. But I'll try to take a pic of the mosaic billboard in Makati and post it here.

note no.2: Keep those virtual
new wave badge pins coming. Duh, would anyone send me the real ones? pff...


atomicvelvetsigh drank tea with Pandora @ 3:15 PM  


Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

Yahoo has encountered an overload of mails i guess. I CAN'T OPEN MY ACCOUNT!!! or maybe... someone's trying to hack my mails... lmao! nothin to discover there! i dont have a credit card! pff.

2/14/05, 3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*snif so you didn't read my mail yet..
stupid yahoo

but hey You Know!


2/14/05, 11:30 PM  

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