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Monday, July 04, 2005

Tu vois Anitta, y a qu'à demander...

Bobi is Bobi, but Bobi?

Clicking across the 70-ish list of this weeks Illo friday, i came across this interesting French blog. cute little girl playing... Very original! see, i like it so much i reposted this! pls visit bobi

What is Illustration Friday?
Every week they post a topic in which you will base your creation or post an already made one that suits the week's theme. This week's theme is "Sport". I noticed most of the artists here "are not into sports" haa... just like me. Here is my entry btw, a twist of poetry and philosophy of Chess.

AND presenting... my fave illo this week! Another great artist i came upon wanted to remain
Anonymous please visit his/her (?) Sport Illo His style using the Mediums: Ink, chalk, crayon on arches paper, a drawing done on thin paper crinkling, of an unfortunate suffering athlete who has been out of action for a while. Another style he pointed out is this:

Zinc etching - a metal zinc plate is coated with a varnish-like coating or 'ground' which acid can't bite through. Areas of zinc are exposed by scribing the surface with an etching needle. The whole plate is then immersed in acid until the exposed lines are bitten. This produces grooves in the metal that will hold ink. The ground is then removed, before the plate is printed on an etching press. Multiple editions can be made from the plate.

Illo Friday post mentions:
Must See: Run, Male Figure in Motion

Funny: Football on the Moon Surfing Pirate Dude
Pinoy Artists:
Isay Knotty Don

As of the start of my post.. there are 92, now last time i checked, there are about 112 artists who have submitted their works. it usually reaches to 200-ish in a week, so if anyone who has an artwork about this topic, you can submit it now, share to the world (teehee) and you'd know how well you've done. btw, please enable comments from non-members if you are submitting a post from flickr. 8D thats all... Enter and join Illustration Friday


atomicvelvetsigh drank tea with Pandora @ 4:40 AM  


Blogger Anonymous said...

Glad to be Outside the Box and a fave this week. Just so you know ... I'm a girl :) Blogger Kerri (in particular) and others seem to be getting a bit overexcited at the 'Athlete's' transparent swimmers in my 'Sports' submission this week. Glad you like it also, it's healthy to smile :)

7/6/05, 11:15 PM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

oh wow and that makes it even better... consider me as a fan indeed.. luv your style and artwork!

7/11/05, 11:25 AM  
Blogger LadyWhiteSpirit said...

wow ang galeng niya ah!bctahin ko nga siya :)

kumusta ka na pala?

7/19/05, 8:16 AM  

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