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  Dinosaur Jr. in Holland

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dinosaur Jr. sets for oldies on reunion tour wow five stars for that! lol...

tour dates from 1985 to present
| official site | fansite

How was the concert? Im checking the clock from time to time and all I did was read all night.

I heard they were playing their old songs.. hmmm wow...
and i bet you'd be singing along.. hehe!

    Lou Barlow

Now let me have that randown of my fave Lou Barlow songs... be it from Sebadoh or Dinosaur Jr.... hmm and throw in some Folk Implosion too... to set the mood of my storm-ridden night. Play on my CDs while reading some more...


- 06/06/05  Groningen, Netherlands  -- Vera
- 06/08/05  London, England -- The Forum
- 06/09/05  London, England -- The Forum
- 06/10/05  Donnington, UK   -- Download Festival
- 06/11/05   Neuhausen, Germany -- Southside Festival
- 06/12/05  Scheessel, Germany -- Hurricane Festival
- 07/24/05  Chicago, IL, USA   -- Lollapalooza

fans living nearby or willing to travel just to watch can get their tickets here ..
ShowtimeTickets .. that is if the there are still tickets available, most are already SOLD OUT. hmmm...

*sniff.. how about me? how about me???!!

note: "Alone... Wish you were there to tell me I still need your sunshine
I'll go over and i'm bare foot.. Alone.. Alone..."


atomicvelvetsigh drank tea with Pandora @ 6:31 AM  


Blogger Ambres said...

Still hear a pfiiiieeeeeeet in my ears luckely, unlike the last time, i could hear something afterwards.
They indeed played only "old" songs to promote the releases of the first 3 albums. Read they contain some extra vids now. Altough i rather had a DVD instead.
Was is because of the light? it seemed like Mascis had long gray hair now but his guitar screamed as great as ever. Although i had to say that some songs sounded a bit out of tune and that he seems most happy when he can just play (‘let it scream’) without singing so the more quiet songs didn’t came to their full right. Freak Scene was uninspired "obliged" song (dont know the term for that). But he is a great player and the subtility of his playing with the heavy bass of Barlow made it a great concert!

Not yet found the playlist i add that later.


6/7/05, 8:41 PM  
Blogger Ambres said...

The more or less playlist:

bulbs of passion
in a jar
forget the swan

just like heaven
mountain man

6/7/05, 9:05 PM  
Blogger CT said...

good times...

6/9/05, 7:35 AM  
Blogger Caiaphas said...

I have a video on my computer of them playing some TV show a few weeks ago and they played "The Lung." I love Dinosaur Jr.

6/11/05, 4:21 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

I used to have that buzzzzzing sound echo in my head next day after a great gig, myself! i used to call it "aftershocks" LOL.

hmm.. still mesmerized by the sonic youth concert here a decade (?) ago... oh is it that long already? yeah yeah... make me drool!

6/12/05, 7:07 AM  

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