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Friday, May 27, 2005

Oh.. such acts are used to be called "sell outs"...

Do people still use that term nowadays anyway? I guess it all depends now on the content and which product a Cool band promotes. Back in circa 96-98, local bands that stupidly appear on TV promoting potato chips, slippers, bags and even catsup (!) get coined as "sell-outs" ...but those were the days.. lol... no need to graphically describe.

Ehem i have to admit, even the following adverts i confess... i tried to download.. So there goes dissing off sell-outs! Lol...

First off.. to my amazement... CRANES promoting American Express... and Kate Winslet (yes, the actress from that ship-sinking Titanic) is there... Their song "Astronauts" from the album "Particles and Waves" is in the advertisement and it's to be seen on TV and in cinemas. Well, but because of the first line "At 17, I went to prison for murder..." i thought, ok i better see this whole thing.

Watch the Ad here

Next one i bumped into a site just recently, was Slowdive on a Drinking Water Advertisment. I don't know when it was actually used but more details below. Their song "Crazy for You" from their "Pygmalion" album was briefly used here. Ehem, the page also includes downloads of some of Slowdives's videos. Click the picture:

click for slowdive vids

But in fairness, okay.. Cranes and Slowdive were only heard in the background. So there.. you go right ahead and download them too! its free anyway.. hehe... and if you're living in the West, you have probably seen these on TV anyway.

note: im not promoting the products... pff! im promoting the bands! lol
Oh and remember on Fri, 27th May (oh, that is today)
Amsterdam, Paradiso, Cranes will be playing at 20.00
& Sat 28th May - Brussels, Molenbeek VK Club.
send in those pictures! hehe

Oh, and would you look at that, Mercury Rev on June 8, Billy Corgan on the 9th, Anthony and the Johnsons on 12th and Sigur Ros on July 13th.. all on Paradiso. hmm...

But i should also mention, even if i maintain a couple of blogs, another reason for me to join myspaces is this!!! woah!!! imagine being "added as a friend".. ok fine! im a Cranes die hard.. move over!


Nope, this is not me, it's Cranes' Ali Shaw


atomicvelvetsigh drank tea with Pandora @ 8:30 AM  


Blogger rain said...

Interesting. You can also heap The Sundays with their cover of Wild Horses for a VW ad. Thanks for the link, I'll be downloading them Slowdive vids later.

Was there ever a Dagger vid?

5/30/05, 6:45 PM  

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