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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The crystal horns of her crown of ice
Glow beneath the filtered light,
In arcades of the most glist\'ning white,
Where Myrhichia awaits her rise.

Such necromancy was never veiled,
To stanch her wounds when drysians failed,
She used the blood of magnolias,
And whispered spells in ancient tongues

Asleep within her cradle of thorns,
A bed which spiked oleander adorns,
The Nightmare Queen turns all her dreams,
And listens to blood curdling screams.

Myrhichia waits in gardens of red,
Beyond yon path of hope and dread.
The fallacy of pasts relies,
On pomengranite choked with lies.

Her heartstrings pluck a fatal tune,
Which bleeds her ears out as she swoons.
The draconic fires within her eyes
Are etched like glass, no details spared.

In Nocturne, may she rest her torment,
And stop her voiceless darkenss\'s sounds,
Wherein the haunts of mortal dreading,
Under statures, cold and mute.

Cursed and mesmerised she waits,
In a damned and sickly, saddened state.
Where lovers rot, she\'ll forever dwell,
In crypts and graves, with the dark and fell.

As the music of her heartstrings sounds,
The burning fear sparks in her eyes.
The Ruler of False Dreams comes forth,
And smiles, polite, yet cruel with wrath.

(copyright © Pandora de Bathory)

note: met the poet at winmx, sharing the same dark music... she gave this to me to publish at my fanzine, Frustrated Freak Beat. But unfortunately, due to lack of funds (ha!) time and energy (of course...) the first issue was never published. So I guess I owe her to at least post it here.


atomicvelvetsigh drank tea with Pandora @ 4:17 PM  


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