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Friday, July 15, 2005

Leave me alone
With my delusions of grandeur.
No innovator has been popular
In his own time,
Mocked by statements such as:

"How are you going to support

"There's not much money to be made
in that field."

"You can do that on the side
But you need a bread & butter job!"

No innovator has been popular in his own time...
Until the day of his success.
Then the mockers praise.
The fools become wise.
They swarm like bees to pollen,
Making honey from a new idea once thought too original.

So leave me alone
With my delusions of grandeur.
I'm not a member of a carbon copy human race.
I'd turn to jelly in your world.


Tad's Note: Believe it or not, this poem was inspired by "STAR WARS:
EPISODE VI - RETURN OF THE JEDI." One of my favourite lines comes
just after Han Solo is thawed from his state of Carbonite Freezing.
Through his grunts and roars, Chewie informs Han that Luke has
become a Jedi knight. Incredulously Han responds, "A Jedi knight? I'm
out of it for a little while...everybody gets delusions of grandeur."

Velvet's Note: If you don't see how that inspired this poem, read it again and you will. And on second thought, as I interpreted this in how my subliminal mind could percieve at the moment, have fun in dechipering this poem too 8) Thanks Tad for sending me this.

And my Dropbox is still open for contributions and free stuff. Flood my mail with your thoughts or hilarious spam! LOL... anything to make me smile would be fine. Need that now i guess.


atomicvelvetsigh drank tea with Pandora @ 3:15 PM  


Blogger LadyWhiteSpirit said...

eyyy sis kakagising ko lang :) ang galing nang pagkakabagsak na naman nitong tittle mo magandang maganda "So leave me alone
With my delusions of grandeur.
I'm not a member of a carbon copy human race.
I'd turn to jelly in your world" ang ganda talaga ng ending :)

7/31/05, 3:10 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

yeah i think so too! thats why i re-posted it here. btw, this is not my work, its copyrighted to Tad. you can visit his site too for more of him (a warning tho.. you might see more of him than you expected). erm.. hehe and he's from Ontario Canada too! 8D

8/1/05, 1:11 AM  

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