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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Someone who now calls himself "endo" (a contraction of the term "end of contracts") startlingly gave me a copy of his two cds he DIY-produced, manufactured and distributed. Although his claims of copyright it not really clear, I should say it deserves a good listen. And oh what a good way to unwaste time. cheers to my good ol' friend! haha... do I sound prejudiced?

For starters, I do not want to sound too serious about this. (ok, the guilty vein is now throbbing) having heard him confess all his thoughts during our childhood days after finishing up about two bottles of tequilla (according to him), I was astounded. period. yes, period. no exclamation points. no dot dot dots. no parenthesis. no slash nor backslash. just period.

He recommends listening to them before I go to sleep. And his last remark after handling me the cds, was that in summation, his songs left a lingering lesson. "Pag may gusto ka, dapat kunin mo na, kasi baka bukas wala na 'yon." (If you want something, you better get it now, because it may be gone tomorrow) hmm... okay.


Okay I have to ask for forgiveness from the artist, I admit. For I doubted at first if he really made this one. Vocally, he sounded like a carbon copy of Ely Buendia of the Eraserheads, on the first song "Alamona", which is sung in our native tongue (Tagalog). But I might say a more serious, lost and down-in-the-dumps Ely. The mixing and audio quality is clearer than 4AD. (hah!) Not likely for an indipendently produced album in this country. Well, pays good to rear up a budget to have the right kind of equipment, I suppose.

"Alligator" is a more laid back english song. With lines as "life is to precious and wasted away...am I the saddest thing that you seen?" A smudge of Lennon-like vocals here. Makes me imagine him singing while wearing shades, I dunno why. "Anticlear", "Beach Rain", "Boys Vs. Girls 88" are all non-lyrical. And the first two resembles influences from Brian Eno. hmm.. not bad. not bad at all. "Boys vs Girls 88" are more of a Blueboyish - Fieldmice - St. Etienne trance. Can be consecutively played with Fieldmice's "Triangle" among others. And would never suspect it's from a local. "Dead Again" is an off-beat with a twist of new wave. haha i like comparissons. More of a Robert Smith in doobey, or Placebo in dark wave.

"Karaoke Rock Squad" a lo-fi off beat describing his struggle as a different kind of artist. The carrier song "Lost Loser on A Losing Streak" is I think the best track. And the psychedelic "Tulog (s.remix)" will float away your mind, with or without knowing what the english translation is. Tulog is the tagalog for Sleep, by the way. And "Yokona", which the artist probably saved for the last track, is extended to 12 minutes because of a hidden track. Simple lyrics with alot of meaning. Well, it will be according likely to the listener though. This one goes back to the Ely-wave thingy. Not really my type, but a good binder enough, to the artist's real emotions. Pure. A tear-jerker for the rejected heartbroken. My sister joked this one was written for me. hehe. i don't want to sound pushy. Although the hidden track made me think twice. "I'll never find another me who knows what i'm about to feel...my contra-anatomy...I'll never find the half of me who feels what I'm about to feel"

Well, End of Contracts definetely do not sound like your local filipino artist. And I am not expecting a constant radio airplay of any song anytime soon (given that the only radio station that he might catch the attention of, do not at all promote the foreign artists that I mentioned within this review). Tho this may not sound like a complement, it is. Believe me.

All in all, I'd prefer the english songs, makes him sound more original. And well... hmmm... two words... GOOD WORK.

note: Out tomorrow: the album review of "Ain't It Out" End of Contracts's second album. visit [endo's site] to craddle your curosity (although the artist claims it as ever-changing) if you'd like to order the cd, don't forget to mention this review.


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