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  Lost in Austen

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Now I should go back to reading Persuasion before the lightning strike my pc!

Oh but I promised my moogie that I will read "Three Tales" by Gustave Flaubert first!

Gee and I have work tonight so I need to sleep. Too much to do too little time... Have you ever had that feeling?


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  Take action: Stand up for your rice!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Rice is daily food for half of the world's population. Genetically engineered (GE) rice, on the other hand, is a threat our agriculture, our biodiversity and a possible risk to our health.

Most countries have shied away from allowing risky experimentation with the world’s most important staple crop and at present, no GE rice is grown commercially anywhere in the world. But Bayer, the German chemical giant, has genetically manipulated rice to withstand higher doses of a toxic pesticide called glufosinate, which is considered to be so dangerous to humans and the environment that it will soon be banned from Europe.

In the coming weeks, the European Union will also decide whether or not this GE rice can enter EU countries, appear on supermarket shelves and end up on our dinner plates. If the European Union approves the import of Bayer GE rice, farmers in the US (and Asia) may soon start planting the manipulated crop.

We ask all governments around the world to protect consumers and farmers, their crops and fields by rejecting Bayer’s GE rice, and to stop GE rice field trials.


The iconic Philippine Rice Terraces, a UNESCO Living Cultural Heritage site, and considered as an Eighth Wonder of the World, has been declared a genetically-modified organism (GMO) free zone


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  Top 10 April EC droppers

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Please visit them too!


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  when you need to get your mind off things, listen to myspace ear candies

Friday, April 24, 2009

im currently fixing some paperworks i need sometime in May. but then since im online, and its way past my bedtime, i need some background music to soothe the pressure and keep my head from falling.

so i thought, everytime i login at myspace, i get tons of requests from bands and artists, why not feature them on a post? well, those who i like and accept anyway.

there are a lot of trash music (well i dont mean the genre) out at myspace but there are also so many indie and unsigned artists out there who are ear candies that i can chew!

here are my inbox picks for today: (according to date of invite)

1. gravity causes confusion
2. television skies (~this one's my fave)
3. blue night
4. here come the snakes
5. suspiria

~ influences that are my faves: catherine wheel, pale saints, slowdive, placebo, the cure, love and rockets, adorable, cranes, echo & the bunnymen, house of love, jesus & mary chain, my bloody valentine, killing joke, radiohead, brian eno, the smiths, joy division, cocteau twins, james, psychedelic furs, the swans

~ genre: rock / post punk / shoegaze

1. how its never actually going to go away
2. know its never actually going.. (~i like them both)

~ influences that are my faves: Sigur Rós, Eluvium, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Cure, Brian Eno, Massive Attack, Björk

~ genre: ambient / electronica

1. lightspeed (~this is their dino side)
2. laughing at all that is cold
3. gilding the eagle (~lo-fi and my fave)
4. from sky to me (~reminiscent of "green to me" title but sounds more of "apollo" by hum)

~ influences that they did not mention which i totally totally adore: hum, dinosaur jr.

~ genre: rock / shoegaze

1. the bird in the ice EBRDX
2. the bird in the ice
3. violet wrists (~touch of darkwave, and my fave)
4. dust for kissers
5. palace of owls
6. cape the pearls (~prefer the piano less the choir-like background)
7. macaw (~could be nicer if the track was not cut)

~ note: influences not mentioned, but i sense dashes of Antony and the Johnsons. the vocals is a cross between Ian Curtis [joy division] falling inlove (and not mad love) and the smoking popes without the punk riffs. next songs were more reminiscent of morrissey.

~ genre: indie / post punk / melodramatic pop

1. to birds of prey
2. a day in.. (~my fave)
3. needle in the hay
4. blackbird
5. a poison tree
6. waves buried below
7. the wild flower's song
8. moen tnwnhbl (~however its read, this is a fave)
9. sketch

~ influences that are my faves: pavement, spiritualized, my bloody valentine, yo la tengo, eluvium, lou reed, mazzy star, the who, sigur ros, the flaming lips, modest mouse, the smashing pumpkins, the beatles, neutral milk hotel, explosions in the sky, the magnetic fields, mogwai, bob dylan, the velvet underground, godspeed you! black emperor, the smiths, the apples in stereo, cat power, the beach boys, spacemen 3, belle and sebastian, radiohead, the shins, brian eno, superchunk, nick drake (whew! long list! they did not mention Mojave3 tho i taste some songs are on their league)

~ genre: Experimental / Psychedelic / Ambient

..so that's it. i dont accept all invites, fyi. but sorry to deny 2 rap singers, a clothing line, and not accepting 2 other bands who has influences that i like but they just dont sound like my cup if tea today. music is good but the vocals and lyrics just lack quality. and oh, a singer who doesnt know how to tune his guitar! ha! for the last 3 invites mentioned, lets see in a few days maybe this phase will pass. lol

click to go to my space page


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  Celebrate Earth Day by becoming a Greenpeace advocate!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exclusive Earth Day video released today by Greenpeace.

watch it and weep. i did.

Switching off your lights for an hour during Earth Hour is not enough to save our world.

This fragile earth deserves a voice.

It needs solutions.

It needs change.

Sign up Now!

Greenpeace online activist signup form
Your name

Your email address

Country of residence

photo credit: "Greenpeace Clean Energy Parade calls for passage of Renewable Energy Bill" by Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Follow Greenpeace »



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  "Turn" - The Psychic Echo

Saturday, April 18, 2009

this is for my moogie.......
see you soon, love!

by: The Psychic Echo

I was living in the place where sadness sings
Still waiting for my life to begin
Staying away from where the church bells ring
but paying every day for every sin

Turned my broken heart into overflowing love
Turned this caged bird into a free dove
Turned the black void into white light
Turned the grey clouds into sunlight

You turned to a flower what once was a weed
Turned the sour into the sweet
In giving me hope you planted a seed
Watered my soul, allowed me to feed

Turned my broken heart into overflowing love
Turned this caged bird into a free dove
Turned the black void into white light
Turned the grey clouds into sunlight

You gave me wings to fly and eyes to see
Helped me realize all I could be
Do you know how you complete me?

Hope you know you're beautiful to me.

Turned my broken heart into overflowing love
Turned this caged bird into a free dove
Turned the black void into white light
Turned the grey clouds into sunlight

You took me

in to the light

Took me into the light

Into the light

The light...

Lyrics by
Eva Valentine
(© 2008 Eva Valentine)

+ listen to the song at myspace | their space
+ photo credit: "Come into the Light" by BarneyF


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  Five Lima Vijf Cinq Fünf

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Google Is Five Years Old!!!!!

Happy Birthday Gooooogle!!!!!

Five - English | Lima - Tagalog | Vijf - Dutch | Cinq - French | Fünf - German

Real the story of how it all started as an internal tool for their office on the Official Gmail Blog!


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