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  "Recreational Sex"

Saturday, July 30, 2005

On Jul 30, 2005, at 1:16 AM, atomic velvet wrote:

> tssk.. sorry to say but i think i find this poem quite offensive and
> masochistic!
> Poetry By Tad wrote:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> He shoots!
> He scores!
> It's just a game.
> There isn't anyone to blame.
> He's shoots the ball.
> She's the hoop.
> The ball goes in;
> The crowd screams.
> He goes home, a hero.
> The hoop is left behind
> In an empty gymnasium,
> Until the next time
> The player decides to score.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Atomic Velvet,

Thank you for your honest opinion. You're right. My whole point was
that treating women that way "IS" offensive and masochistic. This
society, at least in North America, praises recreational sex, even
though it may not admit it. Why else would one quarter of the magazines
in the local Variety Store be pornographic and pornography be one of
the best money-makers on the internet? I wrote this poem as a critique
against recreational sex, not as a pamphlet endorsing it.

I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else. As a human being, I
struggle and often lose in the area of sexual morality. My poems were
written at many different times in my life, and to be honest I'm much
more liberal in the area of sexuality than I used to be. However, once
again, this poem was written at a time in my life when I held very
conservative views that recreational sex is wrong. My point in the poem
was to express how wrong it is; my point was not to praise it.

I would rather have my poems make people think than have everyone agree
with my poems. I don't even agree with all of my poems, because I've
written them over many years, at many different stages in my life. I
don't have all the answers. If I did, I think I would quickly run out
of things to write about. Poetry is how I sort through the big
questions of life.

Imperfectly yours,

Tad (JTK.CA)

note: Ok, i think you have explained your point. Thanks for clearing that out.
I do not either claim to be better than anyone, and for me, poetry is an exaggeration of oneself. Neither do i claim to be a saint, for who hasn't been to any lude site? It may be out of curiousity or pleasure, an expression of art or oneself.

As a Girl (not using the word "woman" or "female" so as not to connote of us being a secondary gender), im mearly expressing also a might be "general" reaction amongst my gender.

We all live in a cruel world, and it just takes admitting to oneself to know which level of cruelty is the society around you fall into classification. Cruelty have different levels and under those levels is where we come to terms with which to accept and do nothing, from those to disagree upon and take action.

I admire your openness to self-expression, although still, reading this poetry by context, i am offended. But, its your style and your thoughts and i respect you for that. Thanks for sharing them, and maybe, this may lead to a branch out of ideas among other readers as well. So, i decided to post this on my blog. I hope you don't mind.


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  Supernova star explosion

Friday, July 29, 2005

Hubble took this picture of the Supernova 2005cs 12 days after its discovery earlier this month. The Supernova is in the Whirlpool Galaxy also known as M-51. The little green box in the larger image is where the Supernova is. The two smaller images show the difference in the stars before and after the blast.

The star that exploded was a red supergiant with a mass of 7 to 10 times of our Sun; on the low end of the mass range of this type of explosion. The Supernova belongs to a class of exploding stars called a “Type II-plateau”. This type results from the collapse and subsequent explosion of a massive star whose light remains at a constant brightness for a period of time.

Photo Credit: NASA, ESA, W. Li and A. Filippenko (University of California, Berkeley), S. Beckwith (STScI), and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)
Originally posted at Astroblog


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Friday, July 15, 2005

Leave me alone
With my delusions of grandeur.
No innovator has been popular
In his own time,
Mocked by statements such as:

"How are you going to support

"There's not much money to be made
in that field."

"You can do that on the side
But you need a bread & butter job!"

No innovator has been popular in his own time...
Until the day of his success.
Then the mockers praise.
The fools become wise.
They swarm like bees to pollen,
Making honey from a new idea once thought too original.

So leave me alone
With my delusions of grandeur.
I'm not a member of a carbon copy human race.
I'd turn to jelly in your world.


Tad's Note: Believe it or not, this poem was inspired by "STAR WARS:
EPISODE VI - RETURN OF THE JEDI." One of my favourite lines comes
just after Han Solo is thawed from his state of Carbonite Freezing.
Through his grunts and roars, Chewie informs Han that Luke has
become a Jedi knight. Incredulously Han responds, "A Jedi knight? I'm
out of it for a little while...everybody gets delusions of grandeur."

Velvet's Note: If you don't see how that inspired this poem, read it again and you will. And on second thought, as I interpreted this in how my subliminal mind could percieve at the moment, have fun in dechipering this poem too 8) Thanks Tad for sending me this.

And my Dropbox is still open for contributions and free stuff. Flood my mail with your thoughts or hilarious spam! LOL... anything to make me smile would be fine. Need that now i guess.


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  Notable Artists on Illo Friday

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This week's topic is "Metropolitan" and once again i can't help but take note of such great works i have encountered so far... (click on the images to go to their respective blogs) And don't forget to visit my contribution Places to Go too!


Anonymous has done it again! My favorite illo of this week!
Medium: Oil painting on stretched canvas
size: 1110 x 1370mm

And here are more of my freshly hand-picked illos:

Maricarmen Pizano's     by Objects and Pixels     by adifferentfish
"Fishing Dreams"

Medium: ink drawing on
napkin paper, Mixed media

size: 12" x 19.5"

Mick Mather's "Metropolitan", digitally manipulated photo-collage

Other Must see Illos:

Funny: missing king kong? | ballerina king kong

Black and White: Silje Norway | political cartoons

So far, as of posting there are 145 contributions this week.. and calling all pinoy artists! tssk only 3 ppl representing our country.. hehe care to join?


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  "Oh Day of Fire and Sun"

Monday, July 11, 2005

by: Sarah Teasdale

Oh day of fire and sun,
Pure as a naked flame,
Blue sea, blue sky and dun
Sands where he spoke my name;

Laughter and hearts so high
That the spirit flew off free,
Lifting into the sky
Diving into the sea;

Oh day of fire and sun
Like a crystal burning,
Slow days go one by one,
But you have no returning.

note: This came from Poemhunter thru the Dropbox something to cool off my tension and place me back to dreaming..


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  Sick Sick World: Evil across our planet

Sunday, July 10, 2005

MORE than 4,000 people have died as Islamic terrorism has spread across the world over the last decade. Here we highlight some of the worst atrocities:

1. FEB 26 1993: Six people killed by a 500kg bomb beneath the World Trade Center in New York.

2. DEC 11 1994: Explosion on a Philippine Airlines jet bound for Tokyo killed one and injured ten.

3. JUN 25 1996: Nineteen US servicemen killed in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, when their housing complex was blown up by a suicide bomber.

4. AUG 7 1998: American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania attacked in suicide truck bombings. Around 230 people died.

5. SEP 11 2001: 2,986 people killed as hijacked planes are flown into New York’s Twin Towers and the US Pentagon, and in a fourth hijacked airliner.

6. DEC 23 2001: Shoe bomber Richard Reid failed trying to blow up flight from Paris to Miami.

7. MAR 17 2002: Five people killed when terrorists hurled grenades into a church in Pakistan.

8. APR 11 2002: Twenty one people, including 18 German tourists, killed when an ancient synagogue was bombed in Tunis.

9. OCT 6 2002: French oil tanker, the Limburg, attacked by a suicide speed boat off the coast of Yemen. One crew member died.

10. OCT 12 2002: A bomb in a Bali nightclub killed 202 people, mostly Australians.

11. NOV 28 2002: Sixteen dead, including three bombers, at the Israeli Paradise Hotel in Mombassa, Kenya. Two missiles missed an Israeli plane carrying 200 people.

12. MAY 12 2003: Suicide bombers hit three compounds for foreign workers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The 34 dead included nine attackers.

13. MAY 16 2003: Fourteen suicide bombers attacked four targets in the Moroccan capital Casablanca. 41 people were killed.

14. AUG 5 2003: Twelve killed by car bomb outside Marriott Hotel in Indonesian capital Jakarta.

15. NOV 8 2003: Housing complex in Riyadh attacked by suicide car bomb. Seventeen dead, 100 hurt.

16. NOV 15 2003: Two synagogues in Istanbul attacked, killing 23 and wounding at least 300.

17. NOV 20 2003: Attacks on British Consulate and HSBC bank in Istanbul killed 27 and injured more than 450. Among the dead was Consul-General Roger Scott.

18. MAR 11 2004: In Madrid, TEN bombs remotely detonated on four trains in the rush hour killed 191 commuters and wounded 2,000.

19. MAY 29 2004: Gunmen stormed residential buildings for foreign workers in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Twenty two workers killed.

20. JUN 6 2004: Gunmen attacked a BBC crew in Suweidi, Saudi Arabia. Irish cameraman Simon Cumber was killed and BBC correspondent Frank Gardener injured.

21. JUN 18 2004: American engineer Paul Johnson executed by his kidnappers in Riyadh.

22. OCT 7 2004: At least 40 people killed when three suicide bombings hit resorts on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. At the Taba Hilton, a huge car bomb killed at least 30 people.

23. DEC 6 2004: Five staff and four gunmen killed in a raid on US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

and to all the other victims around the world
and to all the other victims around the world

note: Still calling out to Whoever has found a link to the names of the critically injured and those who pssed away, please please place it under my comments. Mick R... if you are reading this, please inform me if you're alright...


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  "Sport" at Illustration Friday

Monday, July 04, 2005

Tu vois Anitta, y a qu'à demander...

Bobi is Bobi, but Bobi?

Clicking across the 70-ish list of this weeks Illo friday, i came across this interesting French blog. cute little girl playing... Very original! see, i like it so much i reposted this! pls visit bobi

What is Illustration Friday?
Every week they post a topic in which you will base your creation or post an already made one that suits the week's theme. This week's theme is "Sport". I noticed most of the artists here "are not into sports" haa... just like me. Here is my entry btw, a twist of poetry and philosophy of Chess.

AND presenting... my fave illo this week! Another great artist i came upon wanted to remain
Anonymous please visit his/her (?) Sport Illo His style using the Mediums: Ink, chalk, crayon on arches paper, a drawing done on thin paper crinkling, of an unfortunate suffering athlete who has been out of action for a while. Another style he pointed out is this:

Zinc etching - a metal zinc plate is coated with a varnish-like coating or 'ground' which acid can't bite through. Areas of zinc are exposed by scribing the surface with an etching needle. The whole plate is then immersed in acid until the exposed lines are bitten. This produces grooves in the metal that will hold ink. The ground is then removed, before the plate is printed on an etching press. Multiple editions can be made from the plate.

Illo Friday post mentions:
Must See: Run, Male Figure in Motion

Funny: Football on the Moon Surfing Pirate Dude
Pinoy Artists:
Isay Knotty Don

As of the start of my post.. there are 92, now last time i checked, there are about 112 artists who have submitted their works. it usually reaches to 200-ish in a week, so if anyone who has an artwork about this topic, you can submit it now, share to the world (teehee) and you'd know how well you've done. btw, please enable comments from non-members if you are submitting a post from flickr. 8D thats all... Enter and join Illustration Friday


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